Friday, June 7, 2013

"Cleaning and Organizing the Garage......"

Copper and I made our 2nd trip to the recycling center yesterday with another load of packing boxes that I'd broken down.  The recycling center is located behind Lake Ann Elementary School and they are participating in a recycling fund raiser by recycling cardboard.  They have a semi sitting there that is already 3/4 full.  I was glad to help them by contributing my boxes.  :)

After we got back home, I began cleaning and organizing the garage.  My 1st concern was to get the kayak and canoe off the floor and hung in the "storage straps" that Patrick had given me after we'd bought our boats.

Goal accomplished!  This is the 1st time we've been able to use the straps for both boats.  I'd used them to hang my canoe from the Gregory St. garage ceiling, but we couldn't use them correctly because the height of the Madison garage was so low due to being "under the house".  There is actually spacing on the straps for 3 boats....good thing we only have 2 to worry about because even this garage doesn't have enough height for that!  ;)

The space in the back of the garage, the workshop area, extends entirely across the width of the building, with a cathedral ceiling open to the storage loft.  The wall on the left is one side of the "office", which has a separate outside entrance, and also one from the workshop area.  I still have the office to clean and organize, but I feel good about the progress that was made yesterday.  Right now, the bikes and bike equipment are in the office.

The open space under the window is being reserved for a workbench that Patrick will be bringing for me.  It was a workbench kit that I had put together while living at one of the my other houses (for the life of me, I can't remember which house!).  He'd taken it when I'd moved from the cabin, but has offered to give it back.  I believe he is trying to open up storage space in his garage.  ;)

I still have more sorting and organizing to do in the workshop area, but for now, the floor is swept and many of the things are on shelves.  At least I can find things if I need to now.  ;)

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Nan Talley said...

Would you come clean and arrange our basement under our motorhome?