Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"A Few More Beds......"

Yes, more cleaning out of beds....what a novel idea, eh?  ;)  This one is against the basketball court and/or extra parking area.  It actually had a different soil make up, as it had been heavily amended for several inches down, but below that it was true sand once again.

Here is the finished bed with its 3 new rhubarb plants and 4 dill plants.  I kept the Spiderwort, which has been attracting bees, plus it is an attractive plant with beautiful flowers.

These next 2 small beds are sort of an extension of the last one as it wraps around the corner of the basketball court.  It was filled with weeds (thankfully, no orchard grass for a change!) and the tall bush is another Pussy Willow, which had been a favorite of deer prior to our moving here.

As you can see, I trimmed the Pussy Willow back to shape it, but I'm not positive I will keep it.  There was one lone strawberry plant, too, which I left as well.

I bought 2 Latham Red Raspberry plants to put in these beds.  I'm not sure how deep the roots will spread and send out runners, but hope the long rectangular marble slabs, keep them somewhat in check and in these beds.  ;)

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