Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Main Floor and Loft Bedrooms....."

A few of the rooms in the new house are "put together", so to speak.  One of them is the main floor bedroom.

Here is the main floor bedroom prior to getting its intended furniture.

And after the furniture has been moved in and set up in what "at this time" seems to be their final place.

Most artwork has not been unpacked yet, so the walls are pretty stark, and I have added a dining room chair (like the one at the desk) to the far corner to hold all the pillows when the bed is not made, and I'm sure there may be other changes before I am done, but this is good for now.

The loft bedroom prior to most of its intended contents being moved in.......

And after........Don will be unpacking and organizing the things for this room.

Another view of the room that shows the piano placement, which sits against the stairway wall.

Don has his work cut out for him when he gets here at the end of the month.  No "Rest & Relaxation" right away for the "soon to be retired" guy!   ;)

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Janice Zindel said...

Home looks wonderful, you're doing great and think you will both really enjoy life there! You're also wanting me to get busy tossing and packing and move on to a new life. Thanks, I appreciate that!