Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Arbor and Gazing Ball Bed....."

I've already posted this photo on Friday, May 31st, when I wrote about assembling our tumbling compost bin, but I need to post it again, so you can see what the "before" looked like.  Yesterday I worked on re-constructing the arbor, the front half of which had fallen down.  I also weeded/cleaned out the round, stone surround raised bed, in front of the arbor.

Here is the "before" photo once again......

And here is how it looks "after" re-construction.  I think it looks pretty good and it will, of course, look MUCH better once the beds along its sides are cleaned out.  I don't know what the climbing vine is that is growing on the left side of it, but am thinking it might be a Clematis?   Perhaps a grape vine will be planted on the right side?  Anyone have a suggestion?

Here is the full "before" photo of the round raised bed in front of the arbor.  When unpacking one of the garage boxes, I found the gazing ball stand, so searched our "box list" to find the gazing ball so I could set them up in this round bed, which I thought perfect for it.

And here is the "after".  I haven't yet decided what I want to plant in this bed.  The soil will also have to be amended with peat moss and compost like I did with the other raised beds.  My plan is to also mulch all the beds, too.  I bought a bale of straw to use as mulch for the vegetable beds and will write a post about those tomorrow, but will most likely use a more decorative mulch for the flower beds.  Having as much help as one can, holding moisture in this sandy soil, is imperative.  ;)

The clean up continues...............


dc said...

I love honeysuckle to climb and it smells so good if you get the right kind. My brother bought the pink variety, pretty but no fragrance. Its all looking good.

Bobbin Doctor said...

Everything is looking great!!
I would advise against grape vine - it's too aggressive and will over take the clematis. Chances are, you won't even know there is a trellis under all the green foliage.

Honeysuckle is wonderful. There are also several varieties of clematis in different colors and flower shapes/sizes. What ever you decide, make certain it's appropriate for the exposure, soil conditions, and your level of interest for maintenance.

Nan Talley said...

If you have Honeysuckle, then you could have a beehive and have honeysuckle honey!