Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Our Day at the Henry Vilas Zoo......"

My oldest son, Patrick, my daughter in law, Julie, and granddaughter, Abigail come for a visit.  They arrived on Sunday evening and left early this AM.  We had a grand time while they were here....wearing ourselves and Abigail out.  ;)

Monday was our trip to Madison's Henry Vilas Zoo ( where we 1) saw many of the animals (those that were out during the day's heat), 2) rode the carousal, 3) wore ourselves out.   ;)

The day was bright and sunny.....a nice, cool morning, but as the day progress, it got warmer.  Abigail, Julie, Patrick, and me.....Grandpa Don was, as ever, the main photographer.  ;)  I did manage to get some photos of him though, too.  :)

As shown here with Abigail.  I believe they were looking at the camels, although the giraffes were there in the shade, too.......

Which brings me to my next photo.  I "believe" this is father and son.  Sad to say, but Mother Giraffe passed away a year or so ago.

I don't believe anyone goes to the Henry Vilas Zoo without getting their photo taken on the bronze Tortoise!

My turn to lift up and give Abigail a better view.......

Pointing out the Flamingo's!

Next stop is the carousel!  Abigail rides with Mom Julie, while I stand nearby.

Patrick found a Puffin (thanks for the correction Ms. Molly Bee!) that needed a rider......

And Grandpa Don found a caterpillar!  He sat backwards so that he could take more photos.  ;)

Tomorrow......more from our visit at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

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Molly Bee said...

Um....that's a puffin. LOL! Absolutely adorable pictures!