Thursday, August 9, 2012

"More of Henry Vilas Zoo........."

On our way out from riding the carousel, Abigail spied the zebra!  Photo op time!  She loves zebra's!

While at the new (to us) farm exhibit, Grandpa Don bought some feed for the goats.  He tried to get Abigail to feed this guy, but she was happy to just watch him........

From the carousel, we headed over and into one of the buildings to see the Macaw Parrots.  We were very thankful that Henry Vilas Zoo has plenty areas of shade.   ;)

Abigail switched from the stroller to her Dad's shoulders (I remember those times carrying Patrick and his siblings on my shoulders quite well, too).

Lions (we saw), Tigers (unfortunately, they were inside sleeping), and now the Bears........

After the bears, it was time to leave and go out to lunch.  We decided to go to a nearby place called Zuzu's (

After lunch, the kids went back to the hotel so that Abigail could get a nap in so she'd be fresh and ready to attend the Happy Hour that we'd planned in honor of the kids visit.  :)  That's tomorrow's blog entry.  ;)


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Looks like a fun time!

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