Friday, August 17, 2012

"More of Madison's Children's Museum......"

I missed writing my blog post yesterday because we were having a thunderstorm during my usual time of writing.  It lasted quite awhile so the desktop computer didn't get turned on until mid-morning, and by then, I was so far from my "normal" routine, that I forgot all about the blog post.  So here is "yesterday's" post.......   ;)

Grandpa Don and Abigail try out these unusual seats.  Don said that talking while sitting in one was like talking inside an echo chamber.  :)

Julie, Patrick, and I took the opportunity to sit down when the chance came, too!

Abigail was drawn back to the Goat Cart once again.  She looks quite comfortable up there on the drivers seat.  Don't you agree?  Unfortunately (or would that be fortunately?), the kids don't live where they can have livestock right now.   ;)

Next she rode the goat after being helped onto it by Patrick........

Have I mentioned how photogenic Griffin is?

Outside the "age appropriate" Discovery area, the museum knows how to put the "fun" in fundraiser.  ;)  Abigail loved watching the coins roll round and round and had to do it several times.

Meanwhile, Dad and Grandpa were hanging out at the wall.......

Next....... into the elevator to go up one level to the "age appropriate" area for older explorers.  Grandpa Don walked up the stairs and caught us as the elevator doors opened.

More tomorrow.......

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