Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"More From Madison's Children's Museum......."

Charlie and Griffin went inside the small thatched hut and played the drums.

Well.....I think Charlie played them while Griffin danced.   ;)

Meanwhile, Patrick tries to get Abigail to go down the beautiful wooden slide.

She didn't have time for that but instead ran to and up the ramp which led to the "dinosaur bone" catwalk.

And yes, Grandpa followed and was extra careful to not bang my head on anything "low hanging".   ;)

Next stop for Abigail was the pillow "play area".  As you can see from all the photos with it, she did like the stuffed chicken quite a bit.  Thankfully, it "disappeared" during some exploration so that we did not have any problem leaving the museum.   ;)

Grandpa Don liked the pillow play area, too.  I thought we might lose him for awhile.......

Located up on the rounded balcony where I had my photo taken, was a strange looking contraption.  I couldn't figure out what it was and some kind father down on the main floor called up to me and told me it was a bellows and how it functioned.  Here are Patrick and Abigail putting it to work......

It was a bellows to pump strong blasts of air so that these butterflies would flap their wings!  Clever, eh?

Continued tomorrow......

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Barb said...

WOW!!! That place is amazing! !! I definitely need to go there. Thanks for these great posts.