Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Last of the Kids Visit......"

After being in the warm and humid conservatory, the rest of the building felt wonderfully cool (it was air conditioned!).  Julie wanted to check out the gift shop, so Grandpa Don and I took Abigail down to a room where we've been for other events.  The room we went to has always been used for Olbrich Botanical Gardens annual seasonal displays, so at Christmas, it is filled with decorated Christmas trees, and in Spring, full of potted trees, plants, and flowering bulbs.  It was so strange to see it open and empty!  The room is HUGE!  ;)

Our job was to keep Abigail occupied so her Mom and Dad could have a few moments to look around the gift shop.  It seems we didn't have to do anything but locate a space for her.  She was quite pleased to be able to push her stroller around without anything getting in the way.

Notice the red cheeks?  Of course, it had been quite warm in the conservatory, but I think someone was getting quite tired, too.

I believe she was not only quite flushed from the warmth of the conservatory, but perhaps becoming overtired from her playing and being active.

In the gift shop, Julie found a stuffed hummingbird for Abigail.

The stuffed hummingbird looked like the hummingbird in the animated Disney movie "Pocahontas".

This is the last of the photos from Patrick, Julie, and Abigail's visit with us.  They left Madison the next morning.  We had a delightful time with them and look forward to seeing them again soon.  Someday we'll live closer and get to see them more often, but until that time, we'll keep up via phone calls and photos.   ;)

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