Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"On to Lunch and Olbrich Gardens....."

After leaving Madison's Children's Museum, we drove over to the east side and ate lunch at Monty's Blue Plate Diner (

After eating, it was on to Olbrich Botanical Gardens (!  The "Olbrich's Blooming Butterflies" event was in progress (butterflies emerging daily from their cocoons) in the Bolz Conservatory, which we thought Abigail would enjoy seeing.

There are also small quail that have free reign in the conservatory, too.  Here I am pointing out a few to Abigail.

Behind us, a butterfly was sitting on a leaf at eye level, so that caught our attention quickly, too.

Here is the little guy we were so enamored with......

The bridges over the flowing water of the indoor stream and pond were a great place to stop and watch the large Koi swim back and forth looking for food.  Unfortunately for one butterfly, it landed on the water and became lunch for one of the searching Koi.

I'm not sure where this look came from, but it certainly is expressive!

We all gathered on the bridges, mesmerized by the swimming Koi.

These "butterfly feeders" were set out around the conservatory.  Abigail didn't quite understand what they were or why she wasn't allowed to play with the brightly colored scrubbers (Mom about to take Abigail in hand).   ;)

Tomorrow....our final photos of Patrick, Julie, and Abigail's visit to Madison.

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Barb said...

The picture of you all watching the fish is priceless. Definitely print and frame worthy!