Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"My Last Post of the Madison's Children's Museum......"

This photo was taken from next to the climbing structure and towards the front of the building.

And this one is taken from up near the front of the building, looking back.   ;)

The "boxing glove apparatus" in the above photo was connected and controlled by steering wheels in this vehicle's cab where Charlie is demonstrating how they work to Griffin.

Meanwhile.......Patrick, Julie, and Abigail were in another cab of what looked like a small airplane.  This one had music playing and many, many flashing lights and levers where the plane's control panel would be.  As you can see, Abigail was in control and Captain of this flight.   ;)

Griffin came in and became standby co-pilot.

Charlie got one of the museum's associates to take this photo of us.  Abigail was not too pleased with the forced interruption of her exploring.......

The next 3 photos are in sequence and taken by Grandpa Don as he controlled the moveable sculpture pieces of "The Cow Jumped Over The Moon".

It was time to leave and Don took this photo of the entrance into Abigail and Griffin's "age appropriate" area, while we waited for Julie and Charlie to get the strollers and stored bags.

Do you think we look tired and ready for some "quiet time"?   ;)

Tomorrow, our "adventure" continues.......

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Barb said...

I think Abigail is a budding scientist or mathematician. Watch out!