Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Special Weaving Information Post"

I once again registered to attend a weaving workshop, with well known rug weaver, Jason Collingwood, as instructor. The workshop will take place this coming May at Vavning Studio, in Shopiere, WI. I thought I would pass along this information, in hopes that some of you "might" be interested in attending, too.

I went back in my blog's archives to find photos of the workshop that I attended in 2008 (that seems so long ago!). Here are 2.......

Juanita Hofstrom's Vavning Studio. The studio is in the lowest level of the old church. Upstairs, the pews are still intact and are used for lecture seating. Behind that are former offices that now hold Juanita's abundant yarn stash. :)

Class photo........

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Sara said...

We were just at the Overture Center today and they have a lot of fiber art on exhibition. On the street level down a corridor from the oculus there are wonderful wall hangings in a variety of styles. On the lower level down the corridor from the rotunda stage there are fiber interpretations of microscopic organisms. Some of them are really complicated! Just thought I would let you know if you haven't seen them already. I hope you and Don are keeping warm.