Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"During Don's Vacation....."

Last Thursday, we actually went out, driving over to Barb and Geoff's, then on downtown for some errands, and lastly, stopping at a coffee shop for our routine Thursday "coffee date" to read the Isthmus (the local weekly newspaper). Other than that, we mostly stayed home, although Don did take a few long walks while I worked on several fiber projects.

Computer searching, searching, certainly can tell I've got bifocals........ ;)

We had such a "boring" time with Barb and Geoff. NOT!!!!

One of the days during the week was gorgeous and not too cold, so we decided to have afternoon coffee on the deck. Don went out and scraped the chairs to get most of the snow off, then laid a bath towel on each for us to sit on. Even with that precaution, the ice I was sitting on caused me to go in a bit earlier than Don, although with both propane heaters lit, I was otherwise very comfortable.

Just after I went into the house, Charlie walked out of their house with Griffin to join us on the deck. The three of them sat outside for a bit, then came in the house and we had a nice visit in the sunroom, with me, of course, getting to hold Griffin for awhile. He was bundled up like a little bear cub, so in this photo, we're getting him a little more comfortable.

I've mentioned earlier the calendar that Don created and gave me for Christmas using iPhoto. Here it is again with Abigail as January's photo. A nice way to start the new year, eh? ;)

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MollyBeees said...

That is some die-hard coffee klatching out there on the snowy deck!