Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Bioneers Conference"

Last Friday/Saturday, Don and I, along with friend Barb, attended the 2nd annual Wisconsin Bioneers Conference.

For those of you not familiar with Bioneers, rather than my trying to explain, I will instead, copy/paste the "About Bioneers 2011" from their website:

"The Badger Bionners event is so much more than a conference. It is a two-day event, filled with ideas and inspiration, and with speakers and friends. It is a time to learn about leading ideas and innovators, and a ripe opportunity to generate projects for schools, businesses and cities. Although the event occurs over 48 hours in January, it is hardly fair to call it a “two day event,” as we follow up with workshops and participants are inspired to modify their lifestyles, business models and school’s curriculum.

Badger Bioneers is inspired by a national event which has been held for the past twenty years in California. A hybrid between “biology” and “pioneers,” the original idea was to examine how individuals and institutions could foster more resilience by adopting successful models from the natural world. Each year, the Bioneers event brings together dozens of innovative and inspirational thinkers to talk about what it means for cities, businesses and individuals to live and work sustainably; and, over the years, Bioneers has become a critical touchstone in the national dialogue about sustainability. Sustain Dane was pleased to bring an associated event to Wisconsin for the first time last November. We are excited this year to expand the scope and impact of the event."

Don and I Friday morning, patiently waiting for things to begin. Time set aside for arrival, registration, and "breakfast" allowed us to peruse the agenda to decide which "break out sessions" we wanted to attend.

Don took another photo during that time to prove Barb actually was with us. :)

"Raging Grannies", one of the "entertainment breaks" between live or recorded speakers. They sang "activist" songs (I think that is how I would describe them) that had been written to old, familiar tunes.

All of us enjoyed the conference overall. It is a great way for local people and organizations to connect, plus strengthen ones faith, hope, and resolve to help positive environmental changes take place.

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