Thursday, January 6, 2011

"One Lucky Guy!"

Henry, who lives with his Mom, Maniphone, Dad, Jonathan, and brother, Simon, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is one lucky guy! You may have seen some of the pieces that Jonathan has built posted on here before, but I'll bet none will be as appreciated as this one.....and I'm sure Jonathan would say that it was one of the simplest for him to make. Although, I consider Jonathan a "Master Woodworking Craftsman", he may disagree, but I am entitled to my opinion, correct? Especially since it is my blog. LOL

Anyway, back to Henry's new "Playmobile Table". Jonathan built it using some of his scrap lumber from his workshop. Does this look like it came from scrap? Somehow I don't think what most of us would consider scrap lumber is what Jonathan would consider scrap. ;)

After it's construction, Jonathan measured the Playmobile buildings and action pieces, then painted areas for each specific item! Can you say attention to detail? :)

The time invested in this project was rewarded with Henry's "thumb's up". Way to go Dad!

The Police have no trouble driving on this street.........

Nice and comfy seating area, too.

Henry even shares his new Playmobile table with his brother, Simon.

I vote that Jonathan is given "The Best Dad" award. ;) I'll bet Henry agrees!

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