Monday, January 31, 2011

"Assembly Begins on My Oxaback Lilla Floor Loom"

After arriving home from Woolgatherers on Thursday with my new loom, I unloaded the boxes from the car and brought them into the house so they could begin "warming up". The unassembled loom had been in a storage locker, so I wanted the pieces to warm up prior to assembling them.

I opened the boxes that evening in preparation for beginning assembly on Friday morning.

I couldn't resist assembling the weaving only had a few pieces, so why not, eh?

The assembled weaving bench. It is VERY sturdy, which is good, considering my "size". ;)

Friday morning began assembly in earnest. The loom frame went together easily and quickly (quickly being relative for my speed of work).

A side view of the loom.

After the frame was assembled, it was time to attach the upper and lower lams. These wooden bars, after being connected to the shafts with texsolv cords (seen in tomorrows post), are what will move the shafts up and down when a treadle is pressed down.

The coupers, locked in place with a metal rod, are another part of the system which connected to the lams, bring the shafts into or out of action. The pulleys keep the texsolv cords organized and in place (again, seen in tomorrows post).

The treadles are installed underneath the loom. I was originally planning on only installing 4 of the 8 shafts, connecting them to 6 treadles, but I changed my mind on Saturday when constructing the shafts and decided to install all 8 of them instead, so I went back and added the last 2 treadles, too.

This is where Lilla's assembly was when I stopped work on Friday. Saturday's plan was to construct and hang the shafts.

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dc said...

I will be watching your progress. I just bought a used floor loom and am at an impass on how to hook up the treadles. So take good pictures of that process. Thanks. DC