Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"From Yesterday......"

As promised, here is the post which shows the pair of finished socks using the technique of "dyeing a double stranded wound ball", instead of a loose skein.

Although, my intention of knitting them while at the CSM gathering fell through due to the weather. I drove as far as the other side of Verona, not sure that I should continue as the roads were snow covered, the wind blowing and creating drifts, when the decision was sort of made for me. The big SUV that was in front of me went into the ditch, but continued its forward motion, and came back onto the highway again.......that was enough for me and I took the next exit, turned around, and drove home. ;) So this pair of socks was knit in the comfort and safety of home.

I posted this photo of the dyed yarn yesterday, but thought it would be best to have it again to remind you of the colors.

The colors show a bit bled out due to the lighting, but I wanted to show you the inside of the mock rib. It is stretched out due to the weights hanging on it. The weight creates tension on the yarn so it can be knit, keeping it on needles, rather than popping off.

A side view showing the knit leg of the sock and the hung hem, which seems to flare out at the end. When it is taken off of the machine, the hem will lie flat.

The finished pair of socks. I believe the blending of color intensity was more subtle in my 2nd attempt using this dye technique, creating a smoother blend and less dynamic patterning than the 1st pair of socks using the dyeing technique, which I posted once again below for comparison.

Obviously that even while using the same dye technique, it allows some variation in how the pattern of color will work. I like the results seen so far from using this dye technique and will explore its possibilities further. :)

Comments or suggestions?


Barb said...

Well, since you asked... would you please knit a pair starting with the light end? I worry that when worn, these will fall down just from the weight of the color. tee hee!

MollyBeees said...

I love these! They came out gorgeous!