Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"How Does Our Garden Grow? Our Aero Garden, that is....."

Our Aero Garden is growing very well, thank you. Once I decided to push/pull the growing cherry tomato plant stems to the sides and back, they grew better. Any leaves that get too close to the grow bulb will burn, so I figured if I'd left them "as is", they'd burn and that would be the end of it. The other possibility was the plants would get too little light when pushed off from directly underneath the bulb. My solution seems to have worked and they're thriving, so evidently the strong light available from the bulb works fine with the supplementary weak, natural winter light that they get.

A close up of the "Red Heirloom" cherry tomatoes.......

And one of the "Golden Harvest" tomatoes.

More Red Heirloom tomatoes developing slightly "outside" the stronger influence of the grow bulb.

I'd hoped since the main plant was spreading out and getting more leaf surface exposed to the grow light, any stems which reached outside the main growth area would still produce. Thankfully, that seems to be a reality.

Especially in this case. These Golden Harvest tomatoes are the furthest away from the grow bulb and also the furthest from the window with its supplemental natural daylight, but seem to be developing nicely.

Truthfully, our Aero Garden isn't a big producer of fresh vegetables, but it has brought so much enjoyment to us......a daily "bright spot" of growth. ;)

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MollyBeees said...

Beautiful pics. I have a notorious black thumb but those Aero gardens always look so cool! Happy tomoatoes!