Monday, January 3, 2011

"Christmas Morning Continued....."

Here I am about to begin opening the gifts in my stocking........ahem.....please bear with me on my "morning look". ;)

I received my annual "Capitol" ornament......

Don created a family calendar using iPhoto. VERY cool!

Several of the DVD's that Don gave me.......

My new "Ott Light" to stand over my circular sock machine to lessen eye strain. It made an amazing difference, too!

And the "piece de resistance"..........a Silver Needles Electric Cone Winder! I've now knitted a pair of socks using yarn wound, then fed, from the cone, and it has made a VERY noticeable difference! When using yarn wound into a ball and fed from a paint roller, I felt little jerks, or changes in tension, as it fed into the machine. There was none of that when using the cone fed yarn, just smooth delivery. Truly an amazing difference! I am VERY fortunate to have a partner who supports my "fiber addiction", supplying me with equipment for making my hobby even more enjoyable.

Copper was not left out....she, too, had a stocking filled with little surprises. Here she is with Don, sniffing the tantalizing aromas coming from her stocking.

Her first choice was a hit!

Could we have gotten a photo that showed her delight more?

Well......perhaps we did, eh? ;)


MollyBeees said...

Awww~! Sweet Doggie! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

Maniphone said...

I'm bearing with your morning look but can't help but notice the chest shot! Sorry. Couldn't let that pass me by! I love you!