Monday, March 29, 2010

"Monthly Gathering of Crankers......."

Last Saturday, the local group of CSM owners gathered at Madison's Hawthorne Branch Library, on East Washington, for their monthly crank in.

Here is Barbara, one of my mentors, who drives from Mineral Point to attend, setting up her NZAK.

Pat, my another of my mentors, who has several machines, brought her NZAK on Saturday to work with as well. As my NZAK is also blue, it seemed it was to be the day of "Blue NZAK's". That, of course, changed as more people arrived. :)

Here is a shot of the entire group of "attendees".

And another view of the group. My NZAK is on the far right. I sat closer to the wall this time to be closer to an electrical outlet, as I now have a light which clamps onto my yarn mast. That purchase was inspired by "Mentor Pat". ;)

This is Susan, of FiberArtCafe, with several of her 2 strand, hand painted, "Sock Blanks". Also shown are 3 pair of her CSM knitted socks which she knitted from similar sock blanks. Here is the link to her blog. Please go and check it out........

Aren't these colors vibrant?! Beautiful work Susan!

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Barb said...

Are you saying that she does those gorgeous paintings and then unravels them????