Monday, March 15, 2010

"Dyed Tubes and Finished Socks"

Today, I have 3 dyed sock tubes that I've knitted into pairs of socks to show you. I used WEBS "Valley Yarns Franklin Natural Cones", with the tension set at 9 on my NZAK, to knit both tubes and socks. The tubes were dyed in a crock pot.

On this 1st one, I used a combination of Jacquard Dyes.......Sky Blue, #621, Sapphire Blue, #622, and Jet Black, #639.

On this blank, I used Country Classic's China Jade, COC 78, and Blue Spruce, COC 75, along with a little of Gay Wool's, Mustard.

And on this last sock blank, I used Gay Wool's Garnet and Mustard, with some Country Classic 's China Jade.

Here are the finished knitted socks.

As you no doubt can tell, I am enjoying the process of knitting blank sock tubes and dyeing them very much.


MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! Gorgeous! I so hope you can come to the farm. You are a sock machine and dying wunderkin!

Shelly said...

What wonderful colors! If I could only be so talented....

Jenny Bellairs said...

Are you knitting your sock tubes? I don't understand why the sock turns out differently if they are both knit on the same sock machine. What makes them different so the colors shift?