Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"February's Crank In......"

Saturday, I attended the monthly gathering of local "crankers". We once again, met at the Hawthorne Branch Library on East Washington, here in Madison.

This is one of my "mentors", Pat, who has given me many tips on knitting as well as supplemental equipment/incidentals for making the CSM experience more enjoyable.

Here is Joan, whom Don and I met a few years ago at one of Rainbow Fleece Farm's open houses. She also has another CSM that she is interested in selling. Contact me for more info..........

Martha and I began our CSM experience at the same time. We're both considered "newbies". I'm not sure when we move beyond that. :) I'm sure it takes awhile though as there is so much to learn!

Another Martha (on left) who came by and has a CSM but did not bring it Saturday. She is speaking with another of my "mentors", Barbara, who also has a NZAK similar to mine (as seen in the foreground).

A few others made an appearance and visited for a bit, but as I did last time, I forgot to take any photos until I began to pack up to come home. Maybe this month.......

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Janice Zindel said...

Looks and sounds like lots of good experience in the room to help out the new CSM crankers!