Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Weaving Leads to Learning New Skills......"

Yes, as you can see from the photo below, I have invested in a new sewing machine. As I mentioned in my earlier posts about my current project, I am weaving bath towels. Towels could, I suppose, have tied end fringe, but you don't see too many of them finished that way, so I figured I would need a sewing machine to sew the ends to finish them. I do have my mothers old, black Singer sewing machine, which was from the 1940's or 50's, but I do not have much experience with sewing, and with all the new machines out there, I figured I would invest in something more up to date than the old Singer, and "hopefully", one that would be somewhat easier to learn on. I believe I found "just the one". ;) (Besides, with a new grandchild, why not explore making things for her, too?)

This is a Baby Lock, Grace A-Line Series, Model BL 40. I had actually found 2 sewing machines that I liked......this Baby Lock and a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116. Joann Fibers carry the Husqvarna, and the Baby Lock is carried by M & R Sewing, an independent local sewing/vacuum store. If any repairs are needed in the future, Joann Fibers sends the machines away, while M & R Sewing does repair "in-house". Point 1 in favor of the Baby Lock. Point 2 was the fact that the employees at M & R Sewing all have Baby Lock machines for their own use. What better way to find out answers to any questions that I may have about the machines? Point 3 and possibly the best (in my opinion) reason for buying the Baby Lock, is that I do not need a foot pedal to use my machine (although, that too, is included). All control is available at my fingertips. Having used my Mom's old machine a little, I was thrilled at not having to use my foot for controlling the sewing process!

Stitch changes at the turn of a dial.......

After my sewing machine purchase, I headed back to Joann Fabrics to buy materials/patterns to try my hand at "self teaching". I knew a little about sewing, but not much....enough to get me in trouble, I guess, eh? ;) I bought thread, fleece material, flannel, and few other "notions" for sewing a baby blanket. Since then, I have done more research on sewing, getting books from the library, checked on line sewing videos, etc. and have also gone back to Joann's a number of times for sewing supplies that will make learning to sew easier and more enjoyable (although, I truly am excited about the whole process!). Of course, now I have the extra job of storing more "hobby" materials. I WILL succeed!!!! :)

This is the fleece in my attempt at sewing a baby blanket (I added blue flannel for backing). It did come out fine, and I have given it to our newest neighbor, Henry Michael. Michael and Anna's son was born last Sunday. He weighed a whopping 10# 3 oz, and was 21" long!!!

I'm sure I will be adding more about my attempt at learning these new sewing skills. Wish me LUCK!!! ;)


Barb said...

Outstanding! It looks like a great machine. Of course you'll be a master tailor in no time flat. Thanks too for the news about Anna and Mike's son. You've got enough kids over there to start a daycare center!

MollyBeees said...

I'm jealous of your new machine!!!!