Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Sunday's Alternate Parade of Homes....."

Don and I went to the "Third Lake Ridge Historic Districts 28th Annual Alternate Parade of Homes" on Sunday. Whew! That was a mouthful, eh? :) There were 10 homes on display. The first one we went in was actually a new home that had been constructed on the site of an old home that had to be torn down, as it wasn't able to be saved. It had 4 levels, which included this large deck area on the top floor.

Not that the deck had a beautiful view looking in this direction, but Lake Monona could be seen looking off the side of the deck. I liked the home's spaces, but found it to be cold. Too much visible metal, concrete, and pipes made the great space non-cozy.

Alongside the deck was a very nice space which was used as a TV/sitting room.

2 of the homes were directly on Lake Monona. We'd been to this home about 6 years ago for a garden tour. The garden is very beautiful and Sunday, the sun came out for a few minutes just as we walked down to the garden. The light against the dark clouds was just spectacular!

The house behind me in the photo was the next one we toured. We'd also been to it a few years ago for a potluck.........friends of friends. :)

Unfortunately, that was the last photo that we took for the rest of the day. The home tour was a mixed bag.....some really very nice, others I was surprised to be touring as they were not all totally finished. I believe that another of the reasons for the tour was to show the variety of uses the homes were being used for besides single family living. One of the large older homes is now a co-op, and another a home for trouble youth.

We enjoyed the tour.....then went to eat at Tex Tubb's Taco Palace........what could better end a busy weekend, eh? ;)

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