Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Postville, Iowa Fire....."

Don and I drove to Sumner, Iowa for a wedding last weekend. More on that tomorrow. Saturday morning, as we drove into Postville, Iowa, the air was thick with smoke. As we turned onto the main street, we saw why. One of the downtown buildings was on fire....roads were blocked so we had to take a detour into some residential neighborhoods. We, being the naturally nosy guys that we are, drove around until we could park and walk over to the fire.

This 3/4 back view is from the bank parking lot where we parked.

This is the only area where we saw flames emerging from the building.

The fire was in the 2nd building from the corner.....

The building on fire was a beautiful old one. We "think" we saw a bakery sign on it, and the upstairs was at least 1 apartment, possibly 2.

On our way home, we stopped again to take "after" photos. Here is how things ended up.....sad, isn't it?

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MollyBeees said...

So sad. Fire is my scariest thing!