Monday, October 5, 2009

"Beer Fest Saturday......"

We'd not been to Quivey's Grove Beer Festival in a few years, and I didn't think we were going to go again this year, but after talking about it, we made plans to go. Our neighbor, Rob, went with us. This was the first time that we'd attended when it was not warm and sunny. In fact, Saturday's weather was just the opposite being cold with dark clouds! Thankfully, it didn't start raining until almost the end, and then it was just a very light sprinkle, but enough that we didn't want to sit out in it. We could have gone and stayed in the large tent that held the vendors tables and the band, but it was too crowded and a bit too loud for my taste.

There were 37 brewers from WI, MI, OR, NY, CO, CA, OH, MN, MD, IN, IL, and PA. I'd say that it was a very good showing, eh? Especially since each brewer had "at least" 2 kinds of beer to offer.

Rob and I toasting the day......

Don and I toasting as we "lounge" in the chairs we brought. (check out my hand knit socks) ;)

Another neighbor, Lonny, also attended with his friend, Blair. Their mode of transportation to Quivey's Grove were their bikes.....Lonny rode his 2 wheeled upright and Blair his recumbent trike.

After leaving the beer festival, we decided to go and grab something to eat. Our decision took us to Mt. Horeb, WI, where the annual Fall Festival was taking place. It was late afternoon/early evening and everyone had already packed up and called it a day, but we weren't sure if it was due to the weather or if it was according to the village plan.

Here is Rob in a Viking Ship, preparing to land for rape and pillaging......

We don't know what these little guys were there for, although the empty vendors stall next to them had a sheep pelt lying in it. Perhaps these were pelts "on the hoof"? I hope not (!) as they were the sweetest little guys and they had beautiful fleece. No, Rob was NOT in his rape and pillage mode when talking them. ;)

Mt. Horeb is known as "The Troll Capitol of the World". Who can resist having their photo taken with this big guy, eh?

Certainly not us! :)

After good eats at The Grumpy Troll, a brewery/restaurant in downtown Mt. Horeb, we happily went home to enjoy a quiet evening. Sipping beer all afternoon and a good meal do tend to make one sleepily content earlier in the evening than normal, eh? :)

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MollyBeees said...

You zigged when I zagged. I went to Mt. Horeb first and then to Quiveys. I got there about noon and it was 8 people deep and lined up back to the Pancake Cafe so I kept driving!