Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Jonathan's Newest Completed Piece....."

As some of you may remember, our former neighbor, Jonathan, who now lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is a wood worker (as his hobby), and in my opinion, a Master Craftsman. These following photos are of his latest project/piece of furniture.

This is his stack of American Chestnut, reclaimed wood, taken from an old tobacco warehouse in Tennessee. Jonathan says that American Chestnut can no longer be grown in the states, as there is some sort of an infection, so the only Chestnut available is reclaimed. Since the wood is reclaimed, it has many worm holes and places (of character) where nails and other hardware had been attached.

Here is a close up of the wood and some of the "character" marks are able to be seen.

Unfortunately, we jump from the stack of wood to the final construction of his cabinet, but perhaps that is what is so amazing, eh? Planks of wood to a constructed piece? Speaking of the construction, Jonathan used old world mortise and tenon construction, and the drawers were put together with dove tailed pieces. Not a nail or screw anywhere in it's construction. See what I mean about "Master Craftsman"?

Another view of the piece. As you can also see, it looks like there may be a "mini crafts person" in the making, too. ;)

The finished cabinets interior.......

And it's home in the living room. Truly a beautiful that Jonathan can be especially proud of, don't you agree? Congratulations Jonathan, on a job well done!

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Maniphone said...

I'm so lucky! Its beauty can't truly be captured on camera. I still stare at it at times ;)