Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Wingra Jazz Fest.....The LAST, I PROMISE!!!!!"

A little later in the day, the boys went back out for more of "Ultimate Frisbee". Here is Rob showing his technique in the "toss".

Either Lonny has thrown or is intent on receiving......

And Michael was able to join the boys in their testosterone battle as well.......

A "not so private moment" with Lonny and Charlie. ;)

Krista was actually "allowed" to hold one of her twins (Christine actually gave Zoe up for a minute). :)

Charlie holding Kai.....

And then it was Lonny's turn to hold Kai.

That was the last photo of our day at Wingra Jazz to move onto other adventures. ;)

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TTWriter said...

Hey, Mike.
I don't seem to have your email address or I would have emailed you.
Thanks so much for the wine and the cozy. You must have been a fly on the wall as I looked at your blog and "ooh'ed and ahh'ed" over the beer and wine cozies you've knit! We love Wollersheim wines and need to get out to their winery someday. Sorry I wasn't available to chat, but as you know, even when school is not in session we teachers seem to need to plan some curriculum (blah). We'll have to stop by some Friday night and catch up during your happy hour.
Best wishes,