Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Dyeing My 2nd Skein of "Bare" Yarn....."

I bought 2 skeins of Bare Sock Yarn from Knit Picks. I liked how the 1st one turned out, so I tried to re-create the process to see if I could get similar results on the 2nd one. This time, I began with dyeing the entire skein yellow, rather than having to over-dye in a yellow dye bath.

After the yellow dye was soaked up and the water clear, I took the yellow skein out, pour some of the water out, added more vinegar, and laid the skein back into the water. I then added both reds to gets some oranges, and then added both blues again, being much more "gentle" when adding the blue dye in hopes that it would not bleed too far out into the skein.

The Sapphire Blue is so rich looking as it dissolves in the water.

After adding the Sapphire Blue and seeing how the concentration was heavier, I went back and added a little more Sky Blue in hopes of getting the same richness of color.

After adding the dyes to my satisfaction, I set the crock pot on high and let it "cook" until the water again turned clear. After rinsing the skein to make sure all of the dye took, I hung it to dry.

The finished skein of sock yarn. Similar but different than my 1st attempt at dyeing this year, using these colors. I am very happy again with the results.

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MollyBeees said...

Man! I've been behind on my blogs lately and look at all I've missed! LOVE your dyed skeins! And your flowers are gorgeous!