Thursday, June 18, 2009


When Don was in the hospital, his co-workers sent him a basket with a mixture of plants in it. They have gotten larger and it was time that each one or type was re-potted into their own pots.

I love having a greenhouse for just this purpose. Unfortunately, that is one of the few uses we have for the greenhouse. I had hoped we'd be able to start plants in the Spring, but have found it is too cold, due to not enough sun (our backyard is covered by a wide canopy of oak trees) to keep things growing without having a heat source. I have, however, been able to hold over some plants into the Fall for a longer harvest, so I just have to be content with that. ;)

Thia is one of the plants from Don's basket, along with a hanging pot of impatiens. I have 5 pots of impatiens around the backyard. 2 are outside the greenhouse door and the other 3 are on the chicken run fencing.

A cluttered area but functional and comfortable.

The hanging pot of impatiens outside the greenhouse door. Don is so good about documenting some of our activities when he is home. His motto is "you need photos for your blog"........ ;)