Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"New Arrivals!!!!"

The neighborhood welcomed our newest residents.....Kai and Zoe! Krista and Jacob became proud parents early last Thursday, and we were introduced to the twins on Friday! Yes....they were less than 48 hours old!! Here is photo of the new family, along with their good friend Christine.

Oh yes, I was able to get some "holdn' time" in with Kai. Christine had dibs on Zoe most of the time they were at happy hour, although I think she finally let Angela have a turn. ;)

Our friend Ramona also joined us that night. She and Benjamin hung out a lot together, too. Uncle Rob was nearby in case she needed help.

Michael and Anna also came over for a visit. They had some news to share as well......they found out earlier in the week that Anna is carrying a baby boy, so I felt it a good time to give them their baby gift, a blanket that I had knitted for them.

I'd also knitted/felted a small purse for Ramona. She happened to wear perfect colors to go with it for her photo shoot. :)

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Amy said...

Wow, 48 hours after the twins birth they were at your house. I still think I was in a stupor 48 hours later. Hoping to stop by this Friday. The kids have been asking about Rob.