Friday, June 26, 2009

"Lake Wingra....."

This is a "lake view" shot of part of the park. There were signs with all of the street names of the Dudgeon Monroe neighborhood, which we think were there for people to sit behind and get to know others who lived on their street. We were not interested in sitting in full sun, so I guess we'll have to wait for another "opportunity" to meet other Gregory Street people......

Don took numerous photos of Lake Wingra. The people shown in the photos are not anyone we know........just in case you were interested. ;) We've watched "log rolling" classes that were held alongside this pier.

The Lake Wingra Boat House rents various types of boats to use on the lake.

There is also a ramp to launch your own craft as well.......

I "think" there is a limit to how large a motor can be, plus they are only allowed at certain times.

The kid in the middle has it made, eh? :)

It is hard to tell from this view, but the Arboretum has land along the lake, plus Vilas Park (with swimming beach), which includes Vilas Zoo, is also along Lake Wingra.

More of the boats rentals. Notice the variety of boats? (Kayaks, sail, fishing, rowing,paddle) You can also moor your own boats here as well.

This photo shows how extensive the marina is.

More of our group to come.........

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