Friday, May 22, 2009

"Simon's Singing Debut......"

Our photos come from North Dakota this morning, courtesy again of Maniphone and Jonathan. :)

Simon's pre-school put on a musical "end of the year" performance earlier this week and Maniphone was kind enough to send me photos. I'm having a hard time getting my mind around the fact that Simon will start Kindergarten in the Fall!!!! It seems such a short time ago when the neighbors all gathered at Maniphone and Jonathan's to celebrate Simon's 1st birthday!!!

Simon is 4th from the left in the back row.......

I don't know how long the students practiced for the performance, but from the sounds of it, things went smoothly. :)

A "close up" of Simon. Mom and Dad took some GREAT photos!

Now if he will only remember to do this at home at Maniphone's request........ LOL

An "oh so serious moment" on stage.......

Grandma's give a WONDERFUL reward for a GREAT performance!!!! :)

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