Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Becky's Visit...."

Sean's friend Becky, was in Madison visiting a friend from her hometown last Saturday. They didn't live too far from us, so she got on the bike path and jogged over to visit us. We wanted her to have breakfast with us, but they'd already made plans to go to Mickey's Dairy Bar, which I think is a VERY good reason not to eat with us. :) I think everyone should have the Mickey's Dairy Bar experience.

As you can tell, this was taken pre-shower. Don does have the knack of getting me at my "best". ;)

Rob came over to say hi as well.

I finished felting a few more wine cozies, plus 11 more beer cozies. We now have a dozen beer cozies available for Happy Hours. :)

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kim said...

Hi Becky!! Moving to Boulder? ;)