Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Cozies, Plants, and Lilacs....."

Here are the 2 beer cozies that I experimented with......I decided to go with the blue one, which has a smaller number of stitches.

Here is Rob trying out a beer cozy.

Benjamin and me.

The Aero garden with our new crop of Romaine Lettuce, last years Amaryllis from Don's sister Bonnie and husband Eugene, and the start from Don's grandmothers Christmas Cactus that we were given when we attended his family reunion last summer.

The lilacs outside our window on the side of the house......


MollyBeees said...

Great photos! I love lilacs! I had a whole row of them in Verona. I miss them and my bleeding hearts! Knit Night at the Sow's Ear tonight! Free smoothie sample night!

Maniphone said...

I can almost smell the lilacs! Absolutely love them!