Monday, May 4, 2009

"Sara and Jonas......."

Our former neighbor Sara, and her son, Jonas, stopped by to bring Don and I a butternut squash/walnut lasagna. How nice is that, eh?! :) It was delicious and fortunately, we will be able to have it for another meal, allowing me yet another break from deciding what to make for dinner. :) (I began cooking again last night) :)

It is amazing to see how Jonas has grown!!

Jonas liked watching the parakeets, Topo and Sam. Copper tagged along for company.........

Jonas also wanted to visit the chickens. I save the left over parakeet seed to take out to the girls and fortunately, we had a small bowl of it, so Jonas was able to give the girls a treat.

Heather and Buffy are pretty tame and stayed pretty close to Jonas and Sara. They know that humans bring treats. ;)

Jonas checking out his image in the "reflecting ball". :)

It still amazes us to how tall Jonas has gotten. The last time we saw him in person was when he was only a month or so old! Now he is doing some talking, plus knows some sign language as well!

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