Friday, May 29, 2009

"Friday Afternoon/Saturday Morning....."

Benjamin came to visit last Friday afternoon and was sooooo sleepy! He is such a good little guy and will sit on my lap and drift off to sleep. (Of course, there is a "large pillow" for him to lean against!)

Krista also came to visit, bringing along some knitting to work on while chatting.....

Saturday morning Benjamin and Mom Angela came to visit when the "boys", Rob and Andy, left to go canoeing on the Wisconsin River. Isn't Benjamin photogenic?

Amanda stopped by with son Joey and dog Pudl to chat.......Benjamin was VERY interested in Pudl.

Joey is around 16 months old and is MOBILE! Another photogenic child in the "hood". :)

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madcitydon said...

Well, SOMEBODY'S got to comment on this blog. Great photos! Were they taken professionally? ;-)

Anyone else out there? Anyone home?