Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"North Dakota Neighbors......."

As many of you might remember, our former neighbors now reside in Grand Forks, North Dakota. And.......some of you also know that Jonathan is an avid bicyclist. And........has been known to "collect" bikes, too. ;) He finally has his custom fit bike that he ordered some time ago. I thought I would post some photos of his new bike and its proud owner that he sent via email.

Custom means not only fitting the bike to the person, but also about making decisions for everything........ even to the colors.

I have never seen fenders with any type of texture before. I think these are very cool.......

Jonathan says that his new bike fits like a glove. I'm looking forward to hearing about his first significant ride on it.

Jonathan and Maniphone have also been working on an outdoor space in their backyard. They spend much of their time at this new patio area, affectionately called "The Lake House".

Jonathan has attached outdoor speakers to the fence and salvaged tree cuttings for tables, giving the area a very nice rustic look while having music at the touch of a button. :)

They have broken the area in very well with many fires and s'mores made over their fire pit. A VERY nice area, eh? Great job Jonathan and Maniphone!!!

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MollyBeees said...

What a wonderful outside area. Great to stretch out and read a book in the sun or cuddle up next to the fire at night. My kinda place!