Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"And Yet More......."

Charlie chose the wine cozy that I had in mind for her when I was knitting it. The girl LOVES her blue!

Angela holding son Benjamin.......with "Da" Andy in the background.

Another good photo of Angela and Benjamin. Benjamin had tubes put in his ears yesterday and the surgery went very well. We saw them later in the day and he seemed happier than usual. Hopefully, he has found relief because of them.

Our friend Woody went with Don to the Garrison Keeler Benefit Show earlier in the week. I am not a fan, so opted to stay home.


MollyBeees said...

Great entries! I love the wine cozies and the purse! What an industrious Mad City Mike you are!
I could just squeeze Benjamin until he squeaks, he's so adorable!

Maniphone said...

Hey, where's my wine cozy? I'm just kidding. Really. We don't drink that much wine.