Monday, May 11, 2009

"Last Week......."

Last Thursday we had an impromptu gathering on the front deck. Since it was such a nice day, instead of going to Ancora as we normally do on Thursday, we decided to come home and have coffee on the deck. We were soon joined by others....................

Here is Rob with Benjamin contentedly sitting on his lap.

Tracie and Bridget also stopped by with Evie, who had a get well gift for me. She did a painting for me! The colors are beautiful!

I, too, had a small gift for Evie. While recovering from my knee surgery, I'd decided to knit her a purse. I knitted a few more while I was at it, plus a number of wine bottle cozies as well. All of these pieces had to be felted (washed in hot water and shrunk), so I had to wait until I was recovered enough to easily go up and down the basement stairs. That finally happened earlier in the week.

Here is Evie with her new felted purse.

Tracie, Bridget, and Evie also had a birthday gift for Don. A variety pack of beer! A greatly appreciated gift. :)

Here are Bridget, with Tracie in the background, helping Evie maneuver the 6 pack over towards Don. :)

I had brought out all of the felted wine cozies too, so that those gathered could pick one to take home. Evie immediately chose one for Tracie and Bridget........... one which had pick and purple in it, her favorite colors. :)

I thought I'd include this photo of the wine cozies which shows them with bottles of wine in them. Even though the same brand of yarn (Cascade 220) was used for each one, some of the colors must react subtly different when felted as they did not all turn out exactly the same height and circumference........close but slightly different. I also tried a variation on the pattern, using a smaller number of stitches, to make a beer bottle cozy. I succeeded and will have a photo of those soon.

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