Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Garden Photos....."

A quick trip out with the camera to take photos of some of the garden this morning.  "Quick" being the key word, too......I had to move fast to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.  I will be going out to do some work in a bit, and that is when I will spray on the mosquito repellent.

This basket holds 2 Heritage "Golden Grape" Tomatoes, which I started from seed and was able to move out from the greenhouse a few days ago. My germination rate was not at all good with these seeds....2 out of 20 planted.  I mentioned this when I drove to Mariseeds ( a few weeks ago, and I was given a free heritage tomato plant as goodwill.  I hadn't mentioned it to be "reimbursed", but thought they should know, and they wanted to do something, so insisted I take another variety of heritage tomato.  That was fine with me!  :)  

This is the heritage Cherry Tomato, "Sun Gold", that I was given when I drove to Mariseeds, which is just south of us, outside of Copemish, MI.

These 2 tomato plants, "Hana", a Dark Purple and Yellow Saladette Tomato, and "Wild Thyme", bi-color green w/orange stripes when ripe, both heritage varieties, were started quite early in the house and repotted several times.  A few weeks ago, I moved it from the house to the greenhouse, then my daily routine was pulling in out from the greenhouse each day for hardening off and then putting it back in the greenhouse at night.  It is a bit "leggy" but so far it has been a successful experiment for starting a few plants earlier than usual.

Here is an overview of most of the garden.  Behind me and to my right are a couple more raised beds, which hold more strawberry plants, 3 blueberry bushes (which are loaded with blossoms right now), 3 rhubarb plants (which I am not going to harvest any stalks from this year to allow for the plants to become more established/stronger), and 2 red raspberry plants that have sent out a multitude of new suckers.

This bed of strawberry plants is planted with several plants I found while cleaning out the overgrown raised beds last year.  I took all of them and planted them in this bed, then bought another flat of strawberry plants, adding some to this bed and the rest in the raised bed that holds the blueberry bushes.

In here are 5 of the 6 "Bellstar" Broccoli plants that I started from seed earlier this year.  The other was in a bed with 6 more broccoli plants I had purchased, all of which fed a rabbit(s) one night.  :(  Thankfully, this old fire ring must be too tall for the rabbits to use as a buffet.  I also seeded some "Bloomsdale" Spinach in here, some sprouts which you can see if you look closely.  :)

I this bed, I transplanted 6 heirloom "Dwarf Blue Curled Kale" seedlings, 3 heritage "Green Martian Dwarf Tomatoes", 2 "Success PM Straightneck Summer Squash", and 2 "Dark Green Zucchini" plants.

In this shorter and older bed, are 4 varieties of heritage tomatoes.  I planted 2 more seedlings of "Hana", and 2 more of "Wild Thyme", plus 2 of "Crimson Cushion", and 2 of "Hungarian Giant", both of which are beefsteak sized tomatoes.

In this one, I have planted the 6 varieties of heritage peppers I purchased at Mariseeds.  "Giant Arconcagua", Chocolate Bell", Tollis Sweet", "Golden California Wonder", "Orange Sun', and "Lombardi Pepperoncini".  I also had room for 2 more tomatoes.

This bed has been planted for quite awhile now.  It holds heirloom "Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas" which are along the far and left edges. The rest of the plants/bulbs I purchased.........a dozen Cabbages, 6 Brussels Sprouts, 3 types of Onion sets (red, yellow, and white), and Garlic bulbs (planted last fall).

I suppose it is now time to "spray up" and go outside to do some more work (pleasure actually) in the garden.  :)

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KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Nice gardening Farmer Mike!

Have you ever tried Thermocells for mosquitos? You ignite it with a click click button and set it near where you are gardening. It makes an invisible 10 foot bubble around you that the mosquitos don't dare cross!

We have two and LOVE them! would not go without them when outdoors....

No more spray on your skin, sticky lotion or oily skin so soft etc. you just set this alongside where you are working and you don't even smell it.


Find em at some Walmarts, Menards, Fleet Farm, Cabellas etc.
Karen and Steve
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