Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Greenhouse Workbenches....."

I decided yesterday that I needed workbenches in the greenhouse.  Our windowsills are overflowing with seedlings and more room will be needed very soon once many are repotted into larger peat pots. So after taking measurements, off I went to Menards to pick up lumber and screws to build my workbenches.

I had one bench frame built before I realized I had not documented my project, so the camera was retrieved from the house and from then on was carried in my shirt pocket.  ;)

Here is the first side bench during construction.  I used plain old 2"x4"x8' pine lumber for the framing.  It wasn't practical to buy cedar for something that won't be used for too long each season.

2 workbenches in place and 1 more to build.

Number 3 installed and it was time to start cutting the bench tops from the 1"x3"x8' pieces of lumber.

I did screw the smaller benches to the larger one to give them all more stability, making sure I could easily reach the screw to take them apart when time to disassemble the greenhouse for the season.

The greenhouse is now ready to become home to all the seedlings once the nighttime temperatures are consistantly a bit higher.  Hopefully, the sun will soon come out long enough so it can heat the greenhouse (before the seedlings go in) and warm the water in the 55 gallon drum enough that it will temper the cooler nights and the seedlings can go out sooner rather than later.


Barb said...

Gorgeous benches! And I'm oh so sorry about the rabbits. After all your hard work, you don't deserve that.

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