Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Seedlings, Greenhouse, and Garden Update......"

If you recall from an earlier post, one of our Aero Gardens pump stopped working, as did the replacement one in less than 24 hours, so it was time to retire its hydroponic grow system and use it strictly for its light system.  I bought a heat mat to lie across the former grow surface and began placing our 3 "mini greenhouses" on top, having wonderful success with sprouting seeds, although a few varieties have not done anything yet, especially the Lavender.  Out of the 2 dozen "jiffy pods" sown with seeds, only 1 has sprouted.  The directions do say that sometimes they take an extremely long time to germinate, but it has been well over a month to date.  They probably have rotted in their jiffy pod, but since I no longer need the space, I will continue to let them stay in their little greenhouse under the Aero Garden light.

Most of the other sprouted seedlings from the mini greenhouses got transplanted today and are now on the windowsill.

Yesterday, I emptied the windowsill of our earlier seedlings, and they are now living in the outdoor "pop up" greenhouse.

I could probably bring the towels in that I used for extra protection but until I need the extra room for more plants, I will play it safe and have them readily available.

I also took a photo of the peas beginning to sprout along the inside edge of the raised bed, too.  Isn't Spring wonderful!?

I noticed that many of the Spinach seeds that were sown in the broccoli raised bed have also sprouted, but the sprouts are too little yet for a photo.  More updates will be posted soon.......

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