Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Cattle Panel Arbor....."

I drove into Chums Corners to the Tractor Supply Store (TSC) to purchase 2 "stock/cattle" panels that I planned to use for making 2 grape arbors.  I need to buy 4 more "T" posts (4'), which I used for anchoring the panel to the ground.

I used 4 "zip ties" on each side to secure the panel to the "T" posts.

The arch isn't perfectly rounded but it will be fine once covered with grape vine, right?  ;)  I think I will probably add a few taller posts on each side, to firm up the structure and give it more strength/sturdiness.

The White Pine that I cut down the other day will probably be cut to ground level, unless I think of a reason to keep it "as is".

I haven't decided where the 2nd arbor will be located, but once I get more posts, the decision will be made.

Now to find some "seedless grapes to plant at the base of this, and the soon to be constructed arbor.  :)

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Janice Zindel said...

Love watching you and Don create this new life in the MI woods. If you haven't cut the rest of that tree down, you could mount a birdhouse on top of it, or a feeder.