Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Beard Removal......"

My beard was beginning to irritate me, or I should say, my skin, so after much deliberation, I shaved it off this afternoon.

Here it is in full growth glory.  ;)

Boy!  Does this look serious or what?  ;)  I tried taking a photo after some of it was removed, but is wasn't easy.  You can see what I meant about irritating my skin......this is nothing so far.  Wait until you see all of it revealed.  YIKES!!  The beard held together like a sheep's wool being sheared.  ;)

Here I have both sides removed with the center left to be trimmed.  Yes, I plan on going back to my goatee and mustache look.  :)  I cut it quite short so I could address the skin irritation, although I could have left it long and braided it, eh?  ;)

Trimmed as short as my electric trimmer could do.

This is my "beard"..........

The final result after shaving.  As you can see, the skin is quite irritated and will need some time to heal.  Thank goodness for cortisone cream!  ;)

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Barb said...

Ouch! You poor dear! I hope your skin recovers soon. I just got caught up on your blog. Wow! The garden is amazing! You are an inspiration to me and I know I will never ever achieve your level of industriousness. Do you ever sleep?!?!?