Monday, June 16, 2014

"Traverse Colantha Walker Dairy Festival"

Don and I attended our first of the annual Traverse Colantha Walker Dairy Festival ( at The Grand Traverse Commons.  It was a beautiful day, both in bright sunshine and temperature, and the attendees all seemed to be having a very good time.

We had met Sue, of "Boss Mouse Artisan Cheese" (, when we attended a "Cheese and Beer Pairing" at Little Fleet in downtown Traverse City, earlier in the year.  She was asked to be this years "Queen of the Festival", so I, of course, had to have my photo taken with her!

As we arrived, the entertainment began.........."Belly Dancers"!  These were 4 of the performers, which totaled probably a dozen or so.

The stilt walking balloon crafter was quite popular, too.  (The "interesting" angle was not intended.......)

While I "parked it" and enjoyed people watching, Don took a walk.......and quite a few photos, too.

His considerable walk took him out to the barn and vegetable garden area of the former asylum, which is one of the main components of why the asylum, "back in the day", was pretty much self sustaining.  Below is the new Visitors Center with the historical dairy barn in the background.

The Festival came about to honor the memory of "Traverse Colantha Walker", the World's Champion Cow.  I could be wrong, but I "think" her records for milk and fat production still stand.

I took this photo of her off of the web.....

Here is a photo of her honored resting place........

With a close up so you can read the details.....

The walk from the Commons festival area to the barn area is not a short one, but Don said a very pleasant one.  He also saw these sculptures in one of the picnic areas........

Arriving back at the festival area, he took a number of photos of the "pie eating contest", too.  Ready, set........

And GO!

We enjoyed ourselves very much.  Don got to mingle and socialize, and I got to "people watch".....and chatted a bit with a few festival goers, too.  ;)

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