Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Friends Visit the Traverse City Area!"

Maniphone, Jonathan, Simon, and Henry, former Madison neighbors of ours who now live in North Dakota, flew in to Traverse City for a visit.  They arrived on Saturday, stayed in a condo at Grand Traverse Commons (, and left yesterday for Chicago, driving through horrible rain almost the entire way, arriving safely at their hotel where they will spend a few days exploring and having adventures.  :)

Don and I met them at the airport Saturday, "escorted" them to Grand Traverse Commons, unloaded the car, checked out their condo, then headed out to eat.  We took them to one of our favorite places, Sleder's (, where both Simon and Henry kissed "Randolph the Moose".   :)

The following morning, they drove out to our house, seeing it in person for the first time.  The next 2 photos are from our "driveway cam".  Don had walked down to the end of our driveway and road so that the kids would see him and know exactly where to turn.  Jonathan parked the car at the house and then headed back along the driveway to meet up with Don as he walked back to our house.

Then a short outside tour began before we showed them the inside of the house, knowing that once inside, Maniphone and I would stay inside, avoiding the mosquitoes and to make lunch.  While we took care of lunch, Don took Jonathan, Simon, and Henry on a walk through the woods over to the airport and back.  :)

The boys had played on this hammock when they had visited Madison, too.

Part of the outside tour prior to lunch included the little studio, too.

After the boys returned from their walk, Maniphone and I put the finishing touches on lunch which was homemade pizza.  Yep, we did good.  ;)  Here are Jonathan and Maniphone as we wait for the pizzas to bake.

After lunch, the kids went back to their condo to have a little bit of "downtime" before meeting us later at Interlochen Center of the Arts to experience "The Drum Circle" planned for that evening.  Of course, it was scheduled at a time when our area experienced a bit of rain.  Luckily, there was room on the stage and under an eave for spectators to sit, watch, and listen.  I, however, chose to stay in my audience seat under my umbrella.  That is me in the green shirt and black umbrella up and to the right of Jonathan's head in this photo.

Here is their view of the Drum Circle........

To be continued.....

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