Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Summer Solstice Picnic....."

We were invited to a Summer Solstice potluck picnic at the Neahtawanta Inn, which is out on Old Mission Peninsula.  Don and I had stayed at the Inn a few years ago......the year Don had ridden his bike from Madison to Traverse City.  Unfortunately, the Inn had a fire last year and had been closed until recently, when it had been reopened.  The restoration makes it look like the fire never happened, as it looks exactly the same as when we stayed there.

The "official cake" of the evening.  ;)

When Don and I arrived at the picnic, we walked down to the beach and helped begin work on a "stick man" which was to be burned later in the evening.  The main figure was built on the beach, then set at the waters edge for completion.  Laura and Gabe were the brave souls to work in the water......

Here is what the structure looked like from up at the Inn level.  It still had to be "filled out" with more flammable materials, which were on their way.......

Laura and Gabe once again got into the water to help fill out/stuff the "soon to be"........"Burning Man".  ;)

The "Burning Man" is now ready for his big moment in the Summer Solstice.......

Fortunately, Don was able to capture the moment when the "Burning Man" was lit, but he went up in flames so quickly and became unsteady, that he fell to the shore in a heap, burning brightly and resembling nothing more than a normal bonfire.

We had a great time at the picnic and enjoyed meeting some very nice people.  Surprisingly, the mosquito population was not out in force.  The day had been cool and the evening saw even cooler temperatures, so I guess the mosquitoes found warmer conditions elsewhere...........THANK GOODNESS!  ;)

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