Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Abigail Playing T-Ball....."

Don and I drove down to Brethren on Tuesday evening to watch Abigail's T-Ball team play.  It was a bright sunny day....perfect for the game.  :)

When Julie wasn't needed in the dugout or infield, she came and sat with me in the stands.  Don, of course, was documenting the event by taking photos.  ;)

Here is Abigail up to bat.  Each member of the team gets to bat once each inning.  Each team does this and each team member gets to bat until he or she hits the ball, then they run to first base.  Bases are usually loaded and when the last team member bats, it is always a home run and everyone completes the run around the bases.  I don't remember how the game was played when my boys were small, but I definitely like it played this way.  The innings are played somewhat quickly with the kids involved constantly, leaving little room for boredom to set in, plus it is a good learning experience in that the team members learn where to run and where to throw the ball once hit.  Competitiveness isn't an issue at this age, in my opinion, but being involved in the game constantly is.  I'm sure other people might disagree with me.  :)

Abigail's coach is out there at home plate encouraging each and every team member, helping them with their batting stance, making sure they run towards first, and congratulating them as they head to home plate.

Patrick helps both teams by standing near second base and giving encouragement to whomever is second basemen.  Abigail had that position during one of the 3 innings.

After the game, we all met up at "Traks" (, the local restaurant.  Our friend, Maniphone, who visited recently from North Dakota, had given me a necklace for Abigail, which we had brought along that evening to give to Abigail after the game.  It is a beautiful bead necklace with a small metal heart hanging from its center.  Here I am opening its clasp so I can hang it around Abigail's neck.  Abigail loved it and sends her thanks to Maniphone!  ;)

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