Thursday, December 15, 2011

"What's 4 Dinner"

I signed up on this site, "What's 4 Dinner", quite awhile ago and have gotten some really tasty recipes from it. It sends me a daily email with a recipe. Yesterday's was "Chicken Biscuit Pie", and having all of the ingredients in the house, I decided to make it. Don and I enjoyed it very much. I even had enough left over to call next door neighbor, Rob, and ask him if he'd eaten yet. He hadn't, so he also had Chicken Biscuit Pie for dinner, but no report back on what he thought of it though. ****This just in....Rob read my post this AM and has chimed in that he, too, found it delicious! :)

I was impressed by how it looked after taking it out of the oven. As you can see, so much so, that I got the camera and snapped a photo of it. ;) Andy, if you read fits your requirement as a 1 pot dish, too!

Here is the website, along with the recipe. Although, I did tweak the recipe a bit by adding mushrooms, too.

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dc said...

We just can't resist tweeking a receipt can we? For us its usually "just add some hot chili's to give it more flavor"